Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement

Marc Fisher Footwear has adopted an in depth Corporate Social Responsibility program that requires all business partners throughout our Global Supply Chain to comply with National and Local Laws governing social, environmental and ethical standards.

Our Social Responsibility philosophy is driven by the belief that we can positively impact Workplace Conditions and Human Rights, while minimizing the impact on the Environment, with an unrelenting commitment to our core principles of Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, Responsible Sourcing, and Community Outreach.

CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure SB-657

Marc Fisher Footwear (the “Company”) provides the following statement pursuant to its obligations under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (CTSCA) also known as SB-657. The CTSCA requires the disclosure of our efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from our direct supply chain.


Marc Fisher Footwear partners only with factories that comply with Marc Fisher Footwear requirements pertaining to labor rights, safety, security and environmental standards. Each potential factory is required to pass an initial inspection/audit prior to any production being placed. Factories that pass the initial inspection/audit are approved for production. Our efforts do not stop there. Based on our principle of Continuous Improvement, the factory is required not only to provide evidence of improvement on deficiencies found during the initial audit, they are required to be re-audited no more than one year from the initial audit date. This cycle will continue for as long as the relationship exists.

Security Compliance

Marc Fisher Footwear supports the US government initiative, “Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism”, better known as “C-TPAT” and has integrated compliance with its regulations. Factories are required to complete “C-TPAT” Questionnaires prior to shipping Marc Fisher Footwear product. The Questionnaires are then reviewed by Marc Fisher Footwear to ensure that security standards are met if not exceeded. If a factory fails to meet the standards set forth in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism initiative, the relationship with such factory is terminated immediately. As we are dedicated to facilitate Continuous Improvement, each factory that does meet or exceed the standards is visited by a representative of Marc Fisher Footwear annually to ensure the factory remains compliant.

Responsible Sourcing

There are many materials and components that are used in the manufacturing of footwear across a wide array of categories. As a result, Marc Fisher Footwear uses many raw material and component suppliers that we have come to form relationships with. These relationships were formed based on a shared commitment to social and environmental considerations and an understanding, by the suppliers, of Marc Fisher Footwear’s code of conduct and ethics policies.

Code of Conduct & Ethical Business Practice Policy

Marc Fisher Footwear has a strict Code of Conduct & Ethical Business Practice Policy which each partner throughout the direct Supply Chain is required to sign indicating their full understanding and compliance. If a Supply Chain partner fails to adhere to the Code of Conduct & Ethical Business Practice Policy, the relationship with Marc Fisher Footwear is terminated.